23 December 2004

Happy Birthday Fallout

Yes, by a freak of nature, I have reached the age of forty. Despite my best
efforts to expire at a tender age, I have been unsuccessful. Anyway, I am no
longer in a position to leave a beautiful corpse...despite what you might
think, so living fast and dying young will be quietly swept under the rug.

It is my intention to abstain from booze for the next twenty years, to be
lucid, productive and to finally make something of myself. It's come to my
attention that most successful people drink very little. Although I love
Jeffrey Bernard and the other great drinkers, one could hardly accuse him of
being successful. A beautiful downward spiral, that eventually became an
ugly tragedy. He was literally legless at the time of his death. Oscar
Wilde, didn't last much past forty - so I'm going to give it a go. I can
claim - with some justification, to have enjoyed a drink, and given it my
all- let alone liver. I have Absinthed enough. Of course, the pursuit of
success might seem a little mercenary...a bit un-rock'n'roll...of course, it
depends on your definition of success. It might not be what you think.

I went out with a bang thank God. A binge at the Czech club in West
Hampstead with a skeleton crew of last minute sympathizers. Beer, Bechorovka
and a lovely bottle of Port. Not to mention the afternoon hip flask of
Scotch on a train journey to an out of town toyshop that miraculously still
had Thomas the Tank Engine diecast models in stock...dry your eyes...my
canonization is not yet assured.
The evening degenerated back at the flat, and I have no memory of how it
I awoke this morning, still drunk. The hangover didn't even arrive until
I have been reminded of certain incidents which probably did occur,
involving nudity - certain sordid requests, topped off by my thinking I was
having a heart attack, demanding an ambulance be called, then swearing at my
friends for not doing so.
Still, what's the point of being alive if you never have apologies to make.

Being Forty is OK so far. Sober or drunk, I'll still have apologies to make.

Oh, one other thing - the records have arrived, they look and sound
wonderful...in my opinion at least. You will have the opportunity to
purchase one in a little over twenty four hours.
Place your orders. To avoid disappointment start queuing now.

Good night.


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