03 December 2004

Morning Has Broken

A bit of bipolar action going on here.I prefer the old manic depressive tag - bipolar should be reserved for arctic explorers and sexually ambiguous bears; but wha can you do. Everything get's softened for public consumption these days..even consumption, which according to reports on the wireless this morning is back with a vengeance. I woke up at five am today and got up to see the dawn breaking over Kilburn. I managed to get another broken sleep until seven, but still, that's incredibly early for me. What's strange is that I feel okay. Seem to be making typos with every other word, so some ill effects must be manifesting themselves. It's a good jog (see) that I don't operate heavy machinery or drive a train.
Gorgeous peasouper. Proper Dickensian fog, clouds of car exhaust smoke and dipped headlights. Like a Ready brek advert.
I've almost finished the artwork for Half Awake. Tomorrow I'll meet my pal Gav - the designer, who will lay it out. Then it's all systems go. I should think.
In the next episode of this epic serial, I'll tell you all about buying a guitar on ebay from a man in Nashville, Tennessee. Very exiting. Tune in and find out if it arrives. How can you resist? Also, primary schools, league tables, and how to get your daughter into the best school in the area without performing degrading acts with the headmistress - although as any parent with a soon to be school age child knows - this would be a small price to pay. Read all about my temporary conversion from satanic pleasuredom to C of E. Hear about my christian beliefs. - should any school governors be reading this, I am of course joking about the temporary bit. And the satanic. My great great great great grandfather was the bishop of Winchester you know, so surely my name's on the list. Don't you know who I am? It's all in the next issue of the super sizzling John Moore Web Log - available on all good search engines. Add me to yer favourites baby!


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