08 December 2004

The Tiny Town Chronicles

It's a cloudy old day in Tiny Town. I've just returned from watching a Ballet performance, featuring my own little Sylvie Guillem, Ave the Rave. Like many three year old ladies, she is keen to learn the social graces necessary for her to be able to capture an Earl at some stage. It really was great. Little girls in pink tutus, leotards, tights and ballet shoes, ( the less innoccent among you can fuck off now), jumping up and down to music at the church hall. Being Ponies, Princesses, etc. Some while picking their noses and....eating it. It was a a truy wonderful spectacle.

Having trouble getting this guitar from Nashville. The box reserved for fed exing it, has sadly found another use - a dog's coffin. It's a cruel world, and as the festive season approaches, about to become a lot crueller. Remember, drinking and driving is not recommended.

I have a social engagement this evening with the legendary Luke Haines. Damage may occur.


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