10 January 2005

Mozzquito - Net

And so on it goes, the great debate - should I be crucified for 'Herissey',
or let off with a warning and a hundred 'Hail Morrissey's'.
The Mozzquito's are still swarming, distracted from their usual pursuits,
but tomorrow is a school day and that homework needs to be done.

I thought I might be dragged from my bed in the middle of the night, tied up
and bundled into the back of a pedal car, then driven to a warehouse on the
outskirts of Toy town for a punishment beating...not as yet. As Dennis Healy
once remarked, when attacked in the house by the late William Whitelaw 'It's
like being savaged by a sheep'. Several sheep in my case...or if farmer Brad
from Perth is included, several million of the beasts.

I wonder if there are any other dainty deities whose fans get even more
hissy when their collective snout is put out of joint? Who else's'
custodians and museum keepers, would gladly strap on the explosives belt and
jump aboard the John Moore bandwagon? The Beatles perhaps, Ronan Keating
possibly. It's academic really, because I love them both.
If I were Mr Morrissey - which has been firmly pointed out to me that I am
not, I might be tempted to put you to better use. Mozzama Bin Laden has a
certain ring to it don't you think?

Anyway, on to other matters. The boiler continues to delight with its ready
supply of hot water and heating.
Played musical saw on my pals Art Brut's album, and attended the launch of
'The Mind's Construction' magazine, which I tip to rival the great 'Strand

So that's it, the day draws to a close.
On a slightly sour note, Mrs Jones say's that there's been vandalism in the
chatroom again and that if she catches the boys responsible, she'll box
their ears. Goodnightx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're getting a huge kick out of piggybacking off the fame of others. Why don't you go slag off Elton John? He's a far larger target. He's also definitely not from Manchester, so you won't be stabbed walking out of your front door. ...you hope.

10:30 PM  
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