03 January 2005

Night and Day

I think the best time for blog writing is the morning. These evening ones
don't suit. They don't roll off the brain onto the screen so easily. By
nightfall, the day has usually delivered it's promises, or thrown up it's
surprises - the tone is set. By night time, only artificial sweeteners can
improve the taste...Catch 22...then it's goodbye to tomorrow morning.

I've reluctantly returned to the capital city of Great Britain. Not at all
happy or reassured to see the same old beggars at the station, the same
neighbors lights on, knowing that their Christmas decorations will be up and
strobing for another month or two yet.
The boiler has grudgingly warmed the radiators, but is making very ugly
noises, which can be roughly translated as "If you think you're getting a
hot shower tomorrow morning you can fuck off baby". I am appalled at the
prospect of having to do some work tomorrow. Perhaps I'll die in the night.
It wouldn't be the first time.

Just finished 1977 by David Peace. Thought 1974 was wonderful, but this one
was a pain...too many dreams...not enough anything. I should be the literary
critic for the Sunday Times. I am not about to start a bloody book reading

No doubt the world of music will be jumping up and down and climbing over
itself to help out the Tsunami fund...and itself. Will this be the first
time a charity record has been knocked off number one by another charity
record? Is that a record? Should we call the Guinness Book of records. Well
don't let the Band Aid Lot anywhere near it is my advice. Or Brian Wilson. I
refuse to be cynical here, but for certain 'artists', and their 'creative'
teams, there is something of an over exposure doing good complex dilemma
here. Perhaps the best solution is not to release a star studded sing-a-long
at all - for there to be no need to. For every body to have given every bit
of spare cash to the fund anyway, without having to look at Bono's ugly mug
vomiting cliches through their newly acquired 48 inch wide plasma screen
TVs, with built in dvd players.
It's precisely this vindictive bitterness that is the reason I should try to
write in the mornings...It must be a vitamin D deficiency.
Anyway, I'm knocking off now....have to mention though that this computer
has just given me it's first useful piece of advice. I ran the spell check.
Bono's name came up. The computer recommended I simply 'Ignore'. Sound
advice, and proof that artificial intelligence is on the up.
Sleep tight, don't have any nightmares, and if you survive until tomorrow,
we'll meet again.


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