21 January 2005

A Service of Remembrance

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody sees it, does it really fall...and other such questions.
By mistake, I arrived at work today. That sentence should be complete. However, not only did I arrive, I arrived early...before anybody else. Sadly, those who's eyes would have popped out of their heads, are not here today - probably why everybody else was late.
I held a remembrance service yesterday for the brain cells and liver who laid down their lives in the line of duty on Wednesday night.This involved remaining in bed all day in a blissful reverie - with the occasional groan thrown in.
Had to defend my decision to blog, with a very cynical friend, who pointed out that I am prone to fadism. His justification for this slur on my already tarnished reputation was that I was the first person he knew to have a camera phone. It hardly makes me Toad of Toad Hall...poop poop.

I'm debating with myself whether or not today is the day for givng up nicorettes...even typing the word is swinging it for the nay sayers. 'Don't stop, you love em...you deserve a treat'
The good Johnny is yelling " But your tongue feels like a cancer riddled slug...and they're expensive...you might as well smoke fags again"
The bad Johnny has seen his opportunity for some real mischief here. " That's not a bad idea...your lungs have had some time off, they'd be delighted to have a bit of smoke in them again...you could just smoke the occasional one - for old time's sake".
Perhaps some nicorettes will be the lesser evil after all. How can you give up anything on Friday - except for fish and toil..Abstinence is not for the weekend.
Talking of which, I am again toying with the idea of rehearsing...it might be for the best.

Still no sign of snow - perhaps the dance needs a few more steps.


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