08 January 2005

Some Will be Spared

By the way, thanks to the Moz fans who actually defended me, and my right to
be a bile spewing bitch. Much appreciated.
Any seismic activity directed to the greater Los Angeles area will be highly
selective. It will recognize your kindness to me in a time of crisis and
spare you. You will not be affected.

And of course, if the esteemed man does come across this humble cottage
website - no offence was intended, I really did enjoy you at Reading -
especially the attacks on Radio One and the Thames Valley Police. The corset
remark was mere idle speculation. I take it the Thames Valley Police fan
club didn't deluge your site with abuse...oh they did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you, you know that? So much that I could very much enjoy the experience of ramming a corset into your bladder (you may choose which entry route).

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok so i have yet to feel an earthquake but we are experiencing flash floods throughout los angeles county. we have been drenched for 3 days straight with at last two to go. without drawing your (further) wrath, i just wanted to point out that your curse was slightly off-too much eye of newt, perhaps? well anyway, you nailed the location and the "natural disaster" thing has been pretty effective, so job well done.
of course since i stuck up for you, my place is drenched in sunlight, singing birds and a nice rainbow. damn birds.

5:36 PM  

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