11 February 2005

Run Rabbit Run

Well thank god that's over. Slightly incapacitated yesterday, by the residue
of celebratory beverages from Wednesday night's little musical soiree. Thanks
to all those who participated, rescued, applauded, cajoled, suspended
critical faculties and refrained from physical violence. This was the first
time I've played in well over a year, and the first time I've played unaided
by people with competence, talent and physical attributes for at least six.
You forget the minor essentials, like actually knowing the entire song from
start to finish...words, chords etc. With BBR, we knew 100% of every song,
but very rarely at the same time. Mostly our combined knowledge would cover
the holes, and if things ever did go 'tits up' ( my phrase of the day ) there
was always somebody to glare at as if it was their mistake.

It was sometime towards the end of Tuesday evening that I decided to actually
test myself on what I knew...with terrifying consequences. I'd assumed that
if I slept with the lyrics close to my head, they would replant themselves
into my brain, and I would be all loaded and ready to fire laser guided
missiles. Well it's a good job I did this, or like the US airforce being
commanded by bomber Harris on a particularly drunken night, those laser
guided missiles would have gone all over the shop, striking hospitals,
schools and pet shops.

Back to old fashioned methods then, I actually practised - not until perfect,
but until a lynching was no longer inevitable.

So it was, the gig passed without too much trouble. My guitar didn't turn to
lettuce and my trousers stayed up...the mark of success. Jovial banter, some
wayward singing...just within the bounds of tolerable I think. Anyway, this
will be the first of a whole new batch.

Yesterday, rock'n'roll's shallow glamour gave way to an all together more
life threatening situation....and exceptionally cruel to a man with a raging

The more progenous of you, might know that next week is half term. We have
been entrusted with entertaining Lollipop and Lenny, Ava's nursery school

They arrived yesterday afternoon, in a blaze of sawdust, carrot peelings and
straw. They have taken up residence in our living room. I couldn't face
putting them in the garden. We have a slight fox prblem, that could escalate
into full scale urban carnage should we put these two tasty morsels where
they can be got at. Forget impending university challenge humiliation or poor
record reviews. Imagine being known as the man who killed the nursery school
rabbits. I have several petshops on hold should a tragedy occur.Lolipop and
Lenny have been photographed, measured and weighed. Replacements are all
lined up. Any one for stew?


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