08 March 2005

Cognis - Achieving Clarity and Focus

I don't know whether I should be admitting this. I could be opening myself up to a doping scandal. I have purchased a product which I believe will give me the edge over my opponents. It's called Cognis. I have to put eight drops a day under my tongue. That's it. The key to knowledge. I feel cleverer all ready. This could of course be a placebo effect.
Anyway, I shall be bathing in the stuff before Saturday. I wonder how it reacts with alcohol. It is 11% alcohol, so quite well probably.
It might turn me into Dylan Thomas. I'm typing so fast I can't see my fingers. This must be down to the Isopogon and Essence of Bush Fuschia.

So that's me sorted out then. No more preparation needed. The diet is off.


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