28 March 2005

The Key of Life

Good afternoon, Germ Operatives. it is with great regret and some relief, that I must draw a discreet veil over our once grand scheme to reintroduce the Windsor Jazz and Blues festival, while asserting our right to roam through Enlgand's green and pleasant land. The reason for this is that - I've come to my senses. A fortuitous attack of wisdom has convinced me that although it is a fine idea, it is one of those ideas which remains fresh as an imaginary concept - not to be mired in harsh reality...I have quite a few of these.
Of course, 1976 was a more innoccent time, another country some might say, and nothing could better it. Have I been got at by M15? warned off? Bought off perhaps...nothing so interesting. I haven't even found an invitation for the wedding in the post. I am afraid, this is purely and simply, a manifestation of maturity - and perhaps even a little laziness.
Easter has been a fine solitary time for me...a long dark weekend of the soul. These can be very useful for relieving mental constipation. Having excused myself from a four day easter egg hunt, I have busied myself doing what I do best - very little. Reacquainting myself with the wonders of television...I don't mean selective viewing - I'm talking about blanket bombing, square eyed, dribbling vegetable (cathode) tube feeding. Well my tube has been removed now - it was my decision, and I feel cured.
I have even done a useful thing. Found my long lost keys at the bottom of Ava's toy box. I was actually looking for them, not a toy to play with.
So anyway, I've found the key. Not sure if this can be said to be a metaphor just yet.


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