11 March 2005

Let the Games begin

It's the day before the lapidation. Feeling slightly less cocky about things now. Bitten off a bit more than I can chew?...I'll have to spit if I can't swallow...yuk.
Anyway, we've just had a nice email from the organisers, asking us not to bring 'Soft' drugs to the studio...perhaps they supply them.
Anyway, no need to worry on that account - Customs and Excise are all ready reporting a huge surge in hard drug activity in the northwest, as rusty container ships direct from Bogata, unload our post match supplies.
A truce has been called between the rival gangs of Moss Side, realising that they won't be competing for business...we'll take all they have and more.
Perhaps University Challenge are referring to the Cognis. My secret cerebral weapon. Forgot to take it last night...and this morning...hardly a recommendation for it's intellect stimulating properties is it.

Apparently the other teams will be at out hotel, so there might be an opportunity for sabotage. Slightly worried that we'll sabotage ourselves - I've been to this hotel before - it's got a very late bar.
Anyway, it's almost time to go, so wish me luck, shed a tear, and hold on to yer drawers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

supercrass says:

go on, make us proud son!

and if you don't, don't bother coming home. best of luck!

4:03 AM  

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