04 March 2005

Paternity Tests and Rabbit Deprivation

I'm taking a paternity test. Even though she looks just like me, something is wrong. Ava wasn't impressed by the snow. Not as impressed as me anyway. She turned down the offer of being pulled to nursery school in the sledge, and actually seemed quite put out by my enthusiasm. Things did pick up a bit when she began eating large handfuls of the stuff and realised the potential fun of flinging snowballs - but really...kids these days - what's wrong with em?
I sprung out of bed this morning - an extremely rare phenomena. It was beautiful. A real covering, and best of all, it was still chucking it down...and seemingly getting heavier.
Ava's extraordinary attitude did nothing to dampen my spirits ,although I did decide not to keep her at home to play with me.
Well at least she's left handed and knows some rude words - perhaps nobody could be quite as snow fixated as me. She is a summer child after all.

The rabbits finally left the Moore Hotel yesterday. Don't worry lapohiles. They are still being kept indoors. Their reintroduction to alfresco dining and raping will be gradual. It was with heavy heart and with dustpan and brush in hand,that I swept up what I hope will be the last of their tiny turds, and restored the living room to it's former human beings only rules.

I've got a sore throat and a streaming cold, so a medicinal whisky might be in order. Happy ankle breaking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

supercrass writes:

i for one am glad you were not left in charge of watching the school's chimpanzee. them things are evil and have superman-esque power.

6:08 PM  

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