08 March 2005

Rock Around The Bunker

Feeling slightly out of sorts today. Lack of sleep, lack of energy, and a head full of rancid snot - which I am keen to get rid of.
I'm supposed to be feeling progressively more intelligent as the week progresses, but I have to say, yesterday felt more cerebral. I've eaten baked potatoes, carrots, fish and salad, and I haven't touched the sauce since sunday.
Missed University Challenge yesterday, due to attending Will Hodgkinson's inaugural guitar performance. A delicate blend of determination, style and bravado saw Will triumph.
The best moment of course was not musical. The proprietor of the establishment halted the show to demand that the bass player remove his Nazi helmet. This drunken bear of a man bellowed that he did not find it funny artistic or ironic that a Nazi helmet was being worn.
If he lost relatives in the camps, then fair play to him. Then again, if I was related to him, I might just tell him I'd been gassed to prevent further contact.

As any purveyor of Rock'n'Roll or London Mayor for that matter knows only too well, flirting with Nazi imagery is ace...albeit ill advised. Guitars go with Black leather, skulls, cruelty, knives, motorcycles, syringes, medical experiments and tanks...' like a horse and carriage'. Morally indefensible I'll grant, but that's the beauty of it. What's the alternative? Bellbottoms and lovebeads? Rock'n'Roll is supposed to be insane. If Coldplay performed at Nuremburg, goosestepping across the stage, preceded by a torchlit parade through the streets, I'd buy their record at once. I'd criticize them for their terrible judgement of course, but I'd be secretly pleased.

So getting back to this ludicrous interruption - Will handled it very well. He writes for the Guardian, so is probably not often accused of being a Nazi. The not-actually-a-Nazi helmet was removed and the show continued. The band should have gone straight into 'Rock Around The Bunker',then annexed the Sudetenland. Instead, Will dedicated the next song to his wife, and continued with some delicate folk picking. Lightweight.

Anyway, I'm off to the health food shop in a minute for some brain supplements.
By the way, should anybody be offended by anything they have just read, my apologies. My love is universal, it knows no boundaries, racial, geographic or sexual. The only people I dislike are tossers...and quite a few people I was at school with...and Australian bartenders who are a little bit too fond of watching the clock....actually, there are far too many categories to list. It's safest to assume, I've got something against you all.
Unless you've bought my record of course.


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