10 March 2005

Save the Village Shop

I've been looking into ways of getting this quaint old site up the google ratings. Yes of course, it's in order to sell more records - I don't deny it. In fact, I am not even ashamed. We are a nation of shop keepers after all. Anyway, in order for my little village shop to compete with the big boys, the trick is to get it linked to as many other sites as possible.
Now, I am sure some of you might be able to find a few moments to help...Look at me, I'm begging. If you could post a link to this site up in a few places, that would be lovely.
Please use your discretion of course. No filthy ones, or places that might direct the wrong sort of person to us. We don't want an Asda opening up in the middle of the village now do we.

Thing is, the record is in the NME next week, and you know what students are like. They'll buy it from the first place they see...Spending far more of their grant than is neccessary. If all goes according to plan, this site will be the first place they see.


So there you are.
The Germ Organization would like to thank you all in advance.


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