10 March 2005

Warts 'n' all

Oh the joys of daytime television. Just watched a highly entertaining documentary about the great tenor Russell Watson - the man's a god in human form. I thought nothing could top it, but now I'm watching a show about teenagers with genital warts and the clap. Thank you John Logie Baird.
The cognis must be working - I'm as bright as a button today. I hope I haven't peaked too soon.
Must experiment with the dressing up box - We've been asked not to wear stripes or hoops or checks - because television cameras can't handle it...oh god, there's a teenager having her genital warts painted...they're being burnt off now...sizzle sizzle yuk.
Must iron a shirt...and a tie.
Off to a party this afternoon. A third birthday party. It's a never ending social whirl. Must buy a present.
'Nichola thought her genital warts had finally gone, but she's now found another lump inside her...' Oh fantastic. Apparently you can buy this show on video for nineteen pounds. I'm off to join the Taliban.


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