02 March 2005

The World Coughing Contest from Zurich

Unusual for me to spill my soul at this time of the day, but a quiet moment has presented itself. I'm in the office today - doing that thing I attempt occasionally-work. Ziggy Stardust is playing on the stereo 'Making Love with his ego' etc.
Friends Reunited will be played on 6Music in precisely eight minutes, and the evening promises fun fun fun.
'Don't lean on me man cause you can't afford the ticket'
Don't mean to sound shallow, but I thhink I might have had my hair cut too short. It's geezer at B and Q short. All I need is an England shirt and a chunky gold chain. The veins in my neck are throbbing ' Wam Bam Thankyou Mam'
I'm off out tonight, lending my tonsils to Haines' latest venture. One take Moore they call me in the recording community...one more, one more....It's not going to get any better. Then the nighteries will call with their enticing barrels of ale, buxom ladies and even a crafty cigarette.
Sadly, pathetically, I feel myself slipping back down that nicotine greasd pole, back down into the snug. My lungs have had a winter respite. I would be a shame not to fill them up again. Coughing is a part of being a man.
Rattling hacking expectorating, spitting in drains - why should people want to be banning a practice that facilitates this ability.
The World Coughing Contest in Zurich will be cancelled if there are not some wheezing phlegmatic codgers to hawk a wodge. I think I'm blathering here. Also, if smoking is banned, the word Phlegm, with it's crazy spelling will disappear from the English language - this must not be allowed to happen.

Anyway, the lull is drawing to a close, Ziggy has finished - 'The Kids have killed the man', and I'm off.

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