06 April 2005

Dunhill, Purdy, Nutter and Bristols

Apologies for my earlier rant - fiscal matters were, as in most forms of unpleasantness - at the route of things. Anyway, my mood has lifted to dizzy heights, since discovering that I have been mentioned in the 'Slack Dad' column in today's Guardian. It's not the first time I've made it in to this particular charming little backwater, but it's delightful nontheless. It insinuates that I might be slightly lazy at times....perish the thought.

As if this wasn't enough to perk me up, I've been informed, by people who know these things, that 'Half Awake' is-to use record company vernacular 'shifting units'. How many would be unwise of me to divulge - not just for inland revenue reasons, but, because if you knew our actual pitiful subsistence scale of living, and how little it takes to make musicians smile and imagine their rainy days are at an end, you'd cry. Suffice to say, I haven't booked a test drive at the Mercedes showroom just yet. However, my dreams tonight, will be filled with champagne, Dunhill, Purdy, Tommy Nutter and Bristols - the four wheeled variety. I shall be out on the grouse moor, having floated myself north aboard the old zeppelin, and later performing obscene yet absolutely neccessary ancient rites with the maidens of the estate, then attending a service at the church, where the locals sing hymns of praise, thanks and joy to their benevolent Lord...I mean yours truly of course. Not the one who get's your kids into the good primary school.

Of course, some of these things may never happen. It is Lottery night though.


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