06 April 2005

God's Own Devon

I'm back from my grand vacances feeling refreshed, mentally alert and ready to wrestle the bank manager to the floor.
Had a fantastic time in Devon - livin easy, organic and well lubricated. At one point, I even considered swimming in the sea. I waded in up to my knees but quickly realised that death would be almost instantaneous should I submerge any further. So much for literary types being hardy souls - give me a heated pool, a hot day and a good rub down with duck grease.
Followed the demise of the Pope with interest. I don't think I'm in the running for the vacancy, but these events are not without their solemn charm. I wonder if the funeral will be targetted by terrorists...er - I hope not of course - that would be dreadful.

Haven't managed to start on the novel yet, but with each new day, it must be getting closer - mustn't it?

So here we are then May 5th. I wish I was a bit more interested. It's their fault of course for not being more interesting/ being liars/warmongers/people you would not care to converse with in a public house...or any house for that matter. Well perhaps Charles Kennedy would get his round in. The old argument that not voting is actually a vote for the ones you don't want, no longer holds true. I don't want any of them. If only my Aesthetic Jihad Party had begun earlier and had enormous funding...and a battle bus. It is too late isn't it?

I would like to remind those of you who have yet to purchase my record, that it is available from this very site. Come on Tightwads, Scrooges and Penny Pinchers, what are you waiting for? I am not going to drop the price if that's what you're hoping...I even might raise it. And don't you look so smug, those of you who have already bought it. Buy it again and again. What about a gift for your friends. Don't you know that you have a potential heirloom?
I'm sorry for that rant, but I've just received a rather unpleasant bill from my accountant - he's having his arse gold plated or something.
Back to work now, back to work boy...


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