20 April 2005

The History Man

My thanks to the many thousands of you who turned up at my triumphant last minute homecoming gig. Without you, it wouldn't have been quite so special.
Well it was a good rehearsal at least. I had been intending to strum my guitar at home last night anyway, so it was a reasonably useful affair. Like Gloria Swanson..or somebody else, said "I'm still a huge star - it's just the audiences that are getting smaller" or words to that effect.
I'm afraid I over did it with the pre performance loosing juice, and have had a red wine hangover all day. As I might have mentioned before, I am coming to the conclusion that I might be allergic to red wine. That would explain all those headaches the morning after drinking several bottles of the stuff. Perhaps I can register as disabled.
I have been rather slack on the blog front of late - that's not because I haven't been doing less than usual, that would be impossible.
I omitted to report my recent adventure as a University lecturer...On music appreciation of all things. It was the first time I'd set foot in what used to be called North London Polytechnic, since witnessing the Mary Chain riot there in 1985. Oh isn't life ironic. Luckily, this time, I was not shoved to the ground by a copper and threatened with a night in the nick. I waffled on for an hour, made my excuses and left. In 1985, I was so overwhelmed by what I had just witnessed, that I headed straight over to the Dennis Nielsen murder house in Cranleigh Gardens and danced on the lawn. It was pouring with rain, and the recently excavated soil began to give way, leaving my friend and I sinking up to our knees, and absolutely bloody terrified.
So anyway, I am available for lectures now. I will wear a musty tweed jacket with leather patches, smoke a pipe, and attempt to seduce pretty female students, in return for favourable marking.

Tomorrow is my day of rest...even more rest, but I will endeavour to be productive at some stage.
I began my novel on Sunday evening. I've abandoned it again now, but it's brewing.
Very much enjoyed seeing my brand new dear friend Jeremy Paxman getting stuck in with the man who calls himself Blair. Personally, I think he should have hit him. That would have knocked the wind out of his sails. It's Howard on Friday night. Funny how they've saved that one until last. Should be bloody. Garlic at the ready.
Night Night.


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