24 May 2005

Don't Go Home With Your Hardback

Well, even though I say it myself, the weekend's trip to Vienna was a resounding success. It was my task to take some gentlemen of the press to see Arcade Fire, then return them safely to the United Kingdom. I succeeded in this, and had a splendid time as well. Arcade Fire are great by the way. If you haven't already listened to them, I urge you to think about it urgently.
Having facilitated, engineered, greased and slithered, I repaired to the banks of the Danube for a crepuscular pint of Guinness. Well I thought it was the Danube but apparently it wasn't. I did perceive something was wrong. For a start, it wasn't blue. It turned out to be some kind of run off drain. Still, my romantic soul was not dulled.
The evening was rounded off with a pleasant round of binge drinking with the Wind Section of the Scottish National Orchestra. I don't know if all orchestras drink so heavily, or if it's just the Scottish one, but they were absolutely hammered. As the night wore on, more and more turned up. The French Horns, timpani..all staggering and reeling. I did consider hanging around for the String section - usually pretty young things, but decided professionalism and...what's that other thing you need reminding of at 3am when you're in a foreign hotel, half cut and surrounded by equally innebriated sorts - ah yes, fidelity. I must be growing up at last.It's been a struggle.

Anyway, in the continuing saga of my musical exploits, I am playing tonight at the Second Book Awards at the ICA. Sadly not open to the likes of you - unless your name is Nick Hornby, Doris Lessing or JK Rowling.
I will be playing the saw - the organizers actually requested this.
I will give wobbly versions of Paperback Writer, It's Only Words, and Leonard Cohen's classic 'Don't Go Home With Your Hardback'.

Expect further postings on this interesting, champagne - and potentially real pain event.
By the way, the car is great. MOT'd, serviced and serving. Wish us luck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the organizers request that you play the musical saw?

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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