13 May 2005

Get Out of the Way Peasants - Rolls Royce coming Through

What a day of changing fortunes. I'm rich again...as AC/DC almost said, 'Back in the Black'. Royalties baby - dontcha love em? Not quite enough to put me in the super-league, but enough to purchase a splendid birthday present for Ma. Yes, like all Rock'n'Roll bad boys, I love my Mama.

My bank statement will tell a splendid story this month. A heartwarming modern fable. One man's descent into hell, and his resurrection, due to cold hard cash. There is no God -only money.
I might even afford myself a can of ale to sip on the veranda as the sun sinks once again.
The question is now, 'Do I twist or stick'? Get some more records pressed, or be happy that I didn't lose my shirt?
Bollocks, I'll get more.
If you haven't already purchased 'Half Awake', you've got a bloody nerve coming round here and reading my inner-most thoughts.
Did I mention that it makes you thinner ( or puts on a few pounds if you're too skinny), younger, healthier, develops your chest - boys and girls, and increases you sexual virility and stamina tenfold. Come on you lazy Fxxxxrs
What are you waiting for?


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