20 May 2005

Luke Haines Levitates!

Feeling slightly clammy and below par today. This as you must have guessed, is due to a hangover. Yes, my allergy to wine is torturing me once again. It's not a full scale death cloud, but nothing is quite gelling and I feel like a tramp.
A fine soiree with my young protege Neil and his lovely wife...and mine. Nothing outrageous occurred. No nudity, daisy chaining or anything of that nature - just good old fashioned chomping and boozing. Not recommended on a school night.
I was distressed to learn that my dear pal Haines has not been well. Obviously I feared the worst, but it seems he is not about to die.
Of course I was delighted that he'd had to cancel his concert in Istanbul...like all true friends are when misfortune strikes those they love. The bad Johnny even speculated that the 'illness' might be caused by lack of ticket sales...or a mischieviously satirical response to Kylie Wotsit. On his website, it said 'A thousand apologies'. I wanted to reply that seven or eight might have sufficed. Anyway, this was mere malignant speculation. He was genuinely infirm, and I am sure the concert would have been a marvellous event for any young Turk to attend.
Should Germ Operatives wish to send him messages of sympathy and support a la Kylie, his website is www.lukehainesdossier.co.uk - I think. Anyway, you can always google...oh actually, I think there's a link from this site.There may very well be.
I am off to Vienna tomorrow - it is my intention to remain vertical at all the appropriate times, and horizontal only when absolutely necessary. In other words, Johnny intends to behave.
Picking up the motor later today, so expect all kinds of nonsense. She's booked in to the garage first thing monday morning. Although mechanical progress is perhaps not the most interesting thing I've kept you abreast of I will however, keep you informed of her progress - or lack of it.
Ta Ta for now.


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