06 May 2005

The Revolution is Cancelled

Well here we are. The sun shines across the nation, and happy people with a new sense of hope in their hearts skip along the boulevards. A new government, a new era, a new beginning. Oh bollocks, that was 1997.
So here we are, same old shite. The nation is a lttle bit more liberal here and there. A lot more right wing all over the place, and not a socialist in site.
I stayed up all night to watch democracy unfold, but then it didn't and I slept on the settee, and now my back hurts.

I played a gig last night as well. I was in a bad mood, and gave the audience a good telling off. In fact, it was less gig, more telling off, with a few musical interludes. Still, they seemed to accept my irascability in good stead. I was not beaten to the ground or threatened with legal action - a triumph then.
This weekend, I am getting into the countryside to visit a bluebell wood, look at some horses and trains, and experience that sense of detachment and well being that is impossible to obtain in the city. I will walk through churchyards, trying to find a suitable burial spot for my soon to be reposing remains. A nice spot beneath a yew tree, where I can lie a-moulderin' in the grave.
I sound rather morbid don't I? Well it's just me age. As I have no doubt said before, I have no intention of snuffing it ever. I'm sure I won't. That just happens to other people.
My finances are in a horrible state - as is so often the case. It's time that some of you purchased my record once again I feel. Aren't any of you in advertising? Can't you use one of my songs in a baked beans advert or something?
Perhaps I should make another record. I could you know. I've plenty of songs floating round in my fetid old bonce. One day, one of them might actually stick and earn me a tidy sum. The next record will be a paired down all together simpler affair. Something that requires no effort to reproduce live. I am good at making no effort, so this is the approach that I shall be taking. My rotten old voice, crooning my rotten old lyrics over some of my particularly rotten old guitar playing. It'll be a smash, it can't fail.


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