18 May 2005

The Viennese Waltz

Good Afternoon, citizens of Planet Earth. As the blogging epidemic continues to grow, I continue to channel my mental overflow down the electronic drainpipe into the sewers of public domain.

Luck still seems to be holding up, and no rashes developed as yet.
Very interested in this 'Piano Man' story. As an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes, I'd developed a theory or two about him. Having cross referenced his date of discovery with the dates of the horrendous attack on Abigial Witchalls, I have been able to eliminate him from my enquiries...for the time being.
My next theory, is that this is a Music Company PR stunt, to launch a new artist, who will have a number one album by Christmas - unless of course, theory number one is actually true.
Perhaps, I'll try something similar to theory number two. If you find me wondering incoherently on a beach, in my best Paul Smith, hand me a piece of paper and I'll draw you a guitar.
It has been mooted, that a trip to Vienna might be on the cards this weekend. It's work, and not something I relish. What the hell is wrong with me? - no don't answer. I've been to Vienna before...if you don't fancy Apple Strudel and goosestepping, it's not a great place. I wonder if there's an Adolf Hitler Fun Tour...guides with moustaches and lederhosen...I'm talking myself into it now.
Particularly excruciating documentary about young Peter Doherty last night.
He came out of it looking great, but the poor sod who made it, needs a rest on the Funny Farm. Anyway, I'm not a tv critic...ooh Emmerdale Farm, Junior Mastermind...
At some stage today, I intend to walk the big walk, and stroll John Wayne like across the road to the newsagents to cash in my winning Lottery Ticket. God I love being rich. Cheerio

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