28 June 2005

Dr John

It's amazing what people will put up with in the name of entertainment. The triumph of human dignity over the most apallingly adverse circumstances. I've seen sights this weekend that modern man should not have to witness. I am of course referring to Glastonbury. Heinrich Himmler would have been extremely interested in what went on. Perhaps if Coldplay had headlined Aushwitz, the course of history would be very different. Michael Eavis is of course hailed as a saint, while poor old Heinrich is somewhat less revered...just for want of a bouncy castle and a fish'n'chip van.
No need to expand on what went on - it's well documented elsewhere. On a personal front, I may never walk again, so compacted is my spine from carrying daughter on shoulders, and wheelbarrow - which in true festival fashion, jettisoned a wheel at the first opportunity.
Spent rather a lot of time in the John Wayne Gacey Field ( Kidz Field ).
Still, Art Brut were wonderful, as was Brian Wilson. Madness and eventual sunshine combined to save the weekend.
Happily, I was able to bring the car right to the tent when it was time to leave. Against all rules, but wearing a miraculously clean white suit and placing a large first aid box on the dashboard seemed to do the trick. Just call me Dr John.
Anyway, it's over, completed and survived. A small amount of enjoyment was had and after all, the ticket was free.


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