17 June 2005

Explosions in the Home

It's been an expensive week. I've had to engage the services of a tradesman to repair the damage inflicted to our home's electricity supply, by a small person swinging on a bathroom cord light switch, bringing it off the ceiling, and consequently exploding the main fuse box.
The exhaust also fell off my wonderful new car...still, I'm not complaining. I shall shortly be downing tools, and heading to the Essex Countryside for the Idler Retreat.
I am intending to camp. This will be a good rehearsal for my spine for next week's Glastonbury assault course. Beer...I shall drink some beer as well. And smoke fags. All in all, it promises to be a good weekend.
Father's day on Sunday as well, so I am hoping to receive something nice...like an electrician's bill.


Anonymous peter muscutt said...

i must say Mr Moore that your blogs never fail to make me smile - i have recently just bought the album 'Half Awake' and had to say the track 'Creature of Habit' is possibly the best thing you have ever committed to tape apart from the sublime 'Old Habits Die Hard'. Hope the electrician's bill isn't too hideous...

8:34 PM  

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