14 June 2005

The Haunted Cuckoo Clock

A very strange thing happened to me today - I woke up early. Not only woke up, but got up. Unprompted, un-aided, and of my own free will. Seven O'clock in the morning to be precise, although I awake several times before that. Of course I feel like death now, and will resist if it happens again. However, as somebody with definite bi-polar tendencies, I fear this could be the start of a 'productive ' phase. I get them every now and then. As an expample of this, I fixed the long decrepit kitchen cabinets, and I spent two evenings repairing the Cuckoo clock. In my life, the cuckoo clock has huge symbolism. The fact that I spent hours adjusting the cogs, oiling the mechanism, rethreading the chains, balancing the weights and pendulum, could spell grave consequences. The last time this was done, a child was born nine months later. At the delivery room, I thoroughly expected a cuckoo to fly out on a spring, cuckoo several times then disappear back inside. As I say, this is an odd development. I'll keep you informed.
Perhaps my new burst of manic energy will lead to me writing 'The Tiny Town Chronicles' - a book for children I have been planning for a while now, guaranteed to bring wealth and fame. Songs perhaps? Yes, it's in my mind to record another record as well.
On to other musical matters, I am doing a gig on Thursday. Unfortunately, you can't come - unless you're less than five years old. I've accepted an engagement at Ava's nursery school, to frighten the children with my rockin' renditions of old favourites, and some compositions of my own.
Spent a lovely weekend in the countryside, watching Kites ( birds of prey) swooping for raw meat. Interestingly enough, I didn't see very many magpies when they were around. Bring them to London is what I say.


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