16 June 2005

The John Moore 68 Comeback Special

Just got back from playing a gig. No I haven't been out all night. I hit the stage at 11.30am sharp, and exitted at midday. A guerilla gig of sorts - at my daughter's Nursery School.
I have to say that playing for three and four year olds is virtually the same as playing for drunken adults. I was upstaged by children getting their knickers out, interrupted by my daughter, and bombarded with requests to play the theme from Bob the Builder.
I managed not to swear, get drunk or say anything particularly contentious. The set list consisted of 'Puff the Magic Dragon' -the non-heroin smoking version, 'The Runaway Train', 'Ba ba Black Sheep', Old Macdonald, 'I Know an Old lady Who swallowed a Fly' and YMCA.
Imagine the Elvis 68 comeback Special, then you'll get some idea of the stage set up. I elected not to wear a black leather jumpsuit, or pass my phone number to ladies in the audience. The whole thing was a great success, and I think I have another booking there later in the season.
I have an engagement of a different sort this weekend. I am booked to play at The Idler weekend retreat, at the Crass Commune in Essex. People have paid a fortune to spend a weekend here, learning how to be lazy. I imagine the whole thing will be a grand fiasco and am looking forward to it immensely. In fact, I might even do the same set. I don't imagine I'll be upstaged by people's knickers, because as far as I know, people in communes don't wear any.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This news is smashing. With this, the Saint Etienne kids album and the marvellous Trojan 'Kids Reggae' box set (Peter Brogg's Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf is my personal highlight), 2005 is the year of the nipper-rock revival. Nip-rock, they could call it. Or something. I mean, I'm not a journalist, am I.

Ally S

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well as Michael Jackson once said - I believe the children are our future innit.

2:42 PM  

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