22 June 2005

John Moore To Headline Pyramid Stage.

Tomorrow, I will be loading my family, our newly purchased 'family tent', collapsible wheelbarrow, and several thousand tims of lager, into the motor, and heading west. The fields of Avalon are our destination. Well, the backstage hospitality camping area to be exact.
I have made an almost binding promise, to refrain from heavy drug use, excessive alcohol imbibement, and all other forms of enjoyment, usually required to animate these old bones. Instead, I have made the Kidz field my personal Altamont. Face painting, Circus performers and innoccent pursuits will be the order of the day. Ave the Rave will I hope, have the time of her life. She's already exited. She demanded to sleep in her new sleeping bag last night, and said 'It's brilliant'...in a non-ironic manner.
Hopefully, this weekend will prove to be a wonderful, enlightening and enriching experience for all of us. Of course, it has the potential for absolute disaster, but then again, all the best things do.
Having no desire to see Coldplay, The White Stripes and co, We will not have to suffer the big crowds. Art Brut, Babyshambles are our headliners...from a very safe distance.
Apparently, the police and AA have complained bitterly about Basement Jaxx closing the festival, fearing the biggest mass exodus in history.
Sadly, I have not been approached by the Eavis's to provide musical entertainment. However, if the Peatbog Fairies drop out, I am available. Perhaps you could petition on my behalf.
I have taken posession of a flash new phone, with more gadgets than your average space station. my fee for participating in a photographic exhibition at the Proud Gallery. My task was to select ten of my favourite gigs, which would then be exhibitted in photographic form. So, Black Box recorder, John Moore and The Expressway, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and my solo gigs, will fill an inordinate amount of wall space.
I will be leaving shortly. On arrival at hom,e, I have to practice putting up the tent. Forty pegs apparently. I think I might have inadvertantly purchased a Big Top. I hope so.
If there is an opportunity to blog in situ, I shall. If not, pip pip.
Watch out for me on the box. I'll be the one wearing a hat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this John Moore formerly of The Mood? My email is stanley134@hotmail.com.

I have spent 20 years trying to buy Paris is one day away 12" and finally found a copy.
If this is you please get in touch.
This should have made number 1 23 years ago and still could.

Best regards

I sound like a nut but am a happily married 40 year old with a 4 yr old daughter and am an office manager.

10:58 PM  

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