20 July 2005

Ashes to Ashes

I am on the lookout for test match tickets. Should anybody reading this be in posession of some, chuck em this way. T'is better to give than to receive. If anybody's grand father has just snuffed it, have a look in his wallet, there's sure to be some, amongst the string and Werther's original toffees.
Had a bit of a night last night. Got Soho'd SohOD'd. It must happen occasionally to act as a reminder that alcohol is expensive and makes you feel a bit iffy the next day. Still, I've ridden the storm, and am now restored to full unhealth. Didn't disgrace myself, exited without assistance and was rewarded this mornig with perfectly Poached Eggs at the Hodkinson London residence, where I elected to spend the night.
Bananas are very good aren't they. Lovely shape, lovely colour, great taste, filled with potassium, and when you've funished, you can chuck the skin on the pavement and watch people slip over.
Apparently, 'Booze' is the oldest word still in existence. It's from Ancient Egyptian. This might be a lie, but it's what I've heard.
I am taking the rest of the week off, in preparation for next weeks public performances. I might even rehearse a bit. Might.


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