08 July 2005

Fearing the Telegram

It appears that yesterday's clean sheet of unscathed friends and acquaintences might not be so clean after all. It now seems that a friend from work has possibly lost one of her friends. Sometime after l left to sit out the blitz in a snug bar, things took a turn for the worst. It became apparent that this girl, who in all likelyhood, had travelled through Edgware Rd on her way to Paddington, was nowhere to be found.
Once the mobile phone networks were up and running again, those whom I'd needed to contact or who felt the need to enquire after my whereabouts, quickly surfaced. For some, it had been a close -ish run thing, but all were fine. In my friend's case, things deteriorated, and sadly, it looks like the outcome could be the worst possible one. It's an odd thing to hope for somebody to be injured in hospital or to be staggering round in a daze, but this appears to be the best scenario at present.

I doubt very much whether the mobile networks really overheated as is claimed. I seem to remember making calls at one minute past twelve on 1st january 2000 without too much bother. More likely that they were closed down to prevent terrorists communicating, forcing bearded hook handed men into red phone boxes where they'd be easy to spot )

Goldborne Rd was crawling with police today ...the exact same ones that it wasn't crawling with yesterday - Not I think to intimidate the muslims or keep a look out for mullahs carrying sticks of dynamite, but to reassure them that any coach loads of BNP heading their way would not be tolerated...or possibly to shout 'Here they are' when the coaches arrive.

Anyway, enough of all this gloom. The weather is supposed to be good this weekend, and I've got a Seersucker suit to strut about in, friends to see, babies to meet, cigars to be smoked and perhaps when the ladies are busy talking about colostrum, milk, labour, dilation and placentas, pints to be drunk with the proud new pa. Bottoms up - but not pointed in my direction unless the nappy is firmly on.x



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