05 July 2005

The Gerri Halliwell University of Thickness

I've not passed a good night. Utterly cream crackered from my old pal insomnia.
I don't think I should be operating machinery at the moment. I forgot how to use email just now. Total brain melt down. If I was a hyperchondriac, I'd assume impending brain haemmorage...if I've spelt this correctly, it's a miracle - and take the rest of the day off.
I listened to this programme on Radio 4 about sleep deprivation. Some University has put together a regime to curb insomnia without resorting to drugs. Don't remember where, becausde I fell asleep before the end. Something about listing your worries,woes and concerns. I hope my taxes didn't help fund this inciteful research. Educational standards are definitely slipping. Perhaps it was the Gerri Halliwell University of Thickness. I'm in a bad mood, and people keep giving me work to do. Don't they realise who I am?
A pox on the world and a nightcap. Good Afternoon.


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