09 July 2005

Kilburn returns To Normal

A sign of the indominatable spirit of Londoners to get on with their lives as normal was visible on Kilburn High Rd this morning. Pools of blood from last night's gang fight were being mopped up by bored shopkeepers eager for customers to cross their threshholds and buy something for a pound. This is a perfectly average scene for Kilburn. It sounds like quite a serious fight, a stabbing victim in critical condition, but as the policeman on pool of blood protection duty told me ' It was drug gangs - at least they keep it among themselves'.
If these bloody drug gangs don't start behaving, I've a good mind to give up drugs in protest.
As I never tire of telling friends from other parts of town who come up here to score, 'Kilburn has so much more to offer you know. The place will get a bad reputation if you only use it as a leisure facility at three in the morning - with the cab still running.'
I purchased an excellent pair of sandals for £14.99. Kilburn should be known for it's footwear bargains...and drugs.

No news of friend's missing friend - it's all over the papers now, so I don't think I'll mention it again. Except to say - apart from the bleedin' obvious, I am very sad to think what my friend is going through, and will carry with her forever.

As this blog is supposedly written by a slumming musician, I ought to mention that I took my Gretsch out of it's case today - retrieved my amp from beneath bags of stuff - which for over a year have been destined for the charity shop, plugged in and made some noises for a few minutes. Convinced myself that 'I still got it babeee' -or haven't quite grown out of trying. Toying with the idea of using some kind of electronic instruments for forthcoming gigs - I really ought to get a rhythm section....shit, too much bother. human contact is very bad. A band is a bowl of broth with too many cooks...unless you can afford cordon bleu chefs, it's better to just boil an egg. Acoustic is best. Less to carry, less to break down, less last minute dashes for batteries, and even for the deafest soundman - hard to ruin.
I feel a drive to the countryside coming on.


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