26 July 2005

Norwich Is My Lady

So that was nice. My arm is aching even more that usual - through signing autographs obviously. Well actually, I'd like to thank the general public for their politeness in pretending not to recognize me, and leaving me to go about my daily business unmolested.
I imagined that the nation would come to a halt - that we would be hailed as national heroes and hoisted aloft the shoulders of cheering masses. Kissed by ladies and babies and patted on the back by chaps. What's wrong with everybody?
I am in the middle of touring with my dear pal Haines - well tomorrow is the middle, cos there's only three.
Norwich is our lady, her East Anglian beauty to be ravished by our rawk 'n' roll mid life crisis.
I'm driving so I'll be off the sauce. I don't imagine Haines will have a dry evening...so to speak, so the journey back promises to be a lot of fun. I know how awful it is for other people to drive us after gigs - we have been known to become 'difficult' when oiled, so the prospect of him ranting obscenities in my lughole, as I attempt to find signposts for London at 3am promises to be particularly poignant.
The ICA in London on Thursday, affords me the opportunity to have a glass or two of something. Get there early. You have been warned.

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