13 July 2005

Slurp Slurp

So Summer is back - normal service resumed. As I walked through the park on this beautiful morning, my curious eye caught site of a nudie lady. Sunbathing for all to see / or to avert their gazes as of course I did - eventually. Still, well done that lady. The older I get, the less embarrassed I am about these things...or even titilated...well a little frisson perhaps..a Benny Hill style fantasy - oh bugger, I'm gagging for it. No, what I was trying to say before being transported into carnal fantasy, was that we are a bit restricted by convention in the old bathing trunks dept. Far better to give the old bits and pieces an airing occasionally. Any way, quite enough mid life crisis drooling. I'll morph into Les Dawson in a minute 'Knickers, Knackers, Knockers' etc Of course I am far too sophisticated...?

So, the bombers are dead...for the best I suppose, but sad for their families as well. How much more integrated into British Society can you get, than having a dad who runs a Fish and Chip shop? Anyway, they'll be discovering about now that paradise ain't all it's cracked up to be. Yep, Not Seventy two virgins - one seventy two year old virgin...and she's ravenous, and she's taken her teeth out...and she won't take no for an answer - and she's got eternity to jump your baby bones - and you'll have to sleep sometime...slurp slurp.

Oh by the by, gig - of sorts tomorrow evening at The Vortex in Stoke Newington. I am 'special guest', which should tell you all you need to know. Haven't rehearsed, haven't polished me winklepickers, but rest assured - it will be over quickly.

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