22 July 2005


Finally, the one the nation has been waiting for. Summer arrives. The Idler versus The Financial Times. Place your bets now. Watch your correspondent delve deep into his alcohol ruined memory to recover facts once learned. Hold your breath as he struggles to regurgitate the knowledge of lessons, ignored years ago. Sympathise with him as he realises that when that particular nugget of knowlege was offered, he was staring out of the classroom window, deep in reverie.
Admire his sartorial elegance as his blue silk tie exactly match his azure eyes. Glory in the fact that you have paid your licence fee - this is television at it's very best.
Roll up, roll up for an unforgetable night.
You have been warned.

AND...if all that wasn't enough, The Moore-onic and Hainous Crimes Unit will be cottaging at the following Public Lavatories:

Sunday 24th - gig in Brighton - Hanbury Ballroom - with Luke Haines the younger
Wed 27th - Norwich Arts Centre - With Luke Haines the elder
Thu 28th - ICA London - with the Vichy Government and the corpse of Luke Haines

Get there early - It's your opportunity to witness my Seersucker Suit.


Anonymous maf said...


Loved the show with Luke last night and loved the blue silk tie on UC tonight. Sorry I was rather Pinot Noired up myself at the Hanbury Ballroom toilets when I slurred to you " Hi Chris how are you? ".. Might crawl up from Brighton to the ICA show. Do you like Momus?

viva you


11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeeaaa..congratulations on the victory. really sorry i missed the show on saturday. see you very soon!


5:01 PM  

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