18 August 2005

The Offficial Secret's Act

A balmy summer's evening with a storm threatening to break. No smell of electricity yet, but it's not far off. I've consumed a bottle of white wine, while contemplating the sunset, and am now about to retire.
As some of you might already know, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Alex James radio show last night.
Half an hour of talking nonsense to the ten people in the country in posession of a digital wireless.
I think Alex wanted me to discuss musical matters, advertising me as somebody with insider knowledge. I had to quickly explain, that owing to my stomach ailment, and general complete lack of interest in music, I was ill qualified for the task. That's not to say that I was not prepared to talk at length about it. Lack of knowledge of a subject, should never hinder an in-depth analysis on the radio. I don't imagine it will be repeated, so whatever I said has passed into historty and rumour. To tell the truth, I was extremely articulate and succinct and may well be nominated for a radio award.
I've been writing songs again...just the odd bit here and there, but something is definitely taking shape. It's a bit of a shame really, because if I hadn't, I might be able to get on with something else a bit more lucrative. I think I''ll call the next record - if it gets that far 'The Official Secrets Act'. Obviously, I can't tell you what's going to be on it, and I won't be able to talk about it in this country....still, I reckon it has a ring to it. Quite mature. Like 'No jacket Required' by Phil Collins.
It's about time I had a holiday - I hate holidays, because they suggest a necessary escape from everyday life, which is how I've tried to design my existence anyway. Be that as it may, in some shape or form, be it physical or spiritual, I feel the need to remove myself temporarily, and have a bit of a think. Weekends in Devon, Reading or oblivion aren't enough. It's got to be a good few days. Enough time to extinguish all hope of otherness, and yearn for a return to the cage. A weekend pass isn't good enough - I'm going over the wall. A walking holiday perhaps. I did consider buying a compass, then walking back to my mother's house cross country - if there is any between here and Reading.
Just been reading a book about ancient English travel - before roads. Very exiting it is too. Whoever it was that first tried to cut a path from one village to the next, has a lot to answer for. See what you've done you fool. Speed cameras are all your doing.
Imagine a country where even five miles away would be another world, different customs, dialect, language.
If I yomp through Kilburn, Hammersmith, Chiswick, then down the M4 corridor past Slough, Maidenhead, Wokingham etc, I can recreate the thrill annd danger of ancient britain. If I get fed up, I can hail a cab...or visit an inn.


Blogger Mister Ten Percent said...

That book sounds quite interesting - what's it called?

12:31 PM  
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