10 August 2005

Too Many Godfathers Spoil The Broth

In my day, a child had one god father and one god mother. An expedient move in case of untimely parental demise. I have a wonderful god mother, who I see from time to time. My god father snuffed it years ago, but had fallen off the radar long before that, when he and my father fell out over a 'small' business matter. His only memory - and it's a good one, is that my teddy bear bears his name. Mr Rogers now perches on my daughter's bed, casting a distainful eye over the younger soft toys - exerting a calming influence and air of quiet authority...and menace...anyway, that's not the point. One god parent of each sex...sort of like the biological parenting arrangement...as God intended perhaps?
I have just learned, that there are to be many god parents for Henry. At least two of each. It's a bloody God commune. Perhaps I'll challenge my counter part to a deio-paternity test.
Really, everybody in Devon this weekend will be a god parent. Bus loads will be travelling down the M5 bearing gifts...we can form a religious cult. Either it's modernity creeping in, with it's desire to make everyone feel good, and special and fluffy, or it's a fatalistic precaution, to ensure that at least one survives. No wonder Kid's birthdays and Christmasses are such an avalanche of tat. I shall have to announce to the little fellow, that I am off to explore deepest darkest Africa, and may be away for many years.
Anyway, I've purchased a Christening gift which I hope will be appropriate, and bring hours of joy and wonder to Henry throughout the years. It's a Chrystal Ball. Not sure if this is quite what the church would recommend when renouncing old Nick, but it'll have to do. I've been reading Phillip Pullman so I'm a bit obsessed with the mysteries of the occult. I doubt you could buy an aleithiometer on Portobello Rd though.
I'm off to Reading/Yorkshire/Devon in the next 48 hours on various missions. Ave the Rave is coming with me to Devon, which will mean a certain responsibility and lack of excess intoxicants.
'Drink to the Devil 'cause the Devil is Best
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum'
I'll never desert you Nicky Old Boy


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