07 September 2005

A Matter Of Some Delicacy and A Declaration Of War

I am speaking to you from the offices of the Germ Organization in London. Yesterday, at aproximately two O'clock Greenwich mean time, this website was attacked. An organization or individual by the name of Hanif attempted to destroy our democratic forum and impose terror upon us. Well let me tell you Mr Hanif Kureshi, we will not be cowed, intimidated, or bothered in the slightest by your electronic rubbing out device. Our only response to you is that we do not like your books - with the exception perhaps of The Buddha of Suburbia - but the rest are awful - unless you wrote My Beautiful Launderette - which I think you might have.
Anyway, you flatter us by your attacks. We obviously represent a terrible threat to you and those like you. Our ideaology and our boyish good looks fly in the face of your pent up ugliness.
The Germ organization stands for freedom, dignity, humour, idleness and not getting up too early.
Beat that you dogmatic demagogic curse against enjoyment. If you must hack, be a suicide hacker.

Back to more important matters. I am in a moral quandry. An old friend who I have not seen or contacted for several years ( or been contacted by ), happens to live in a flat overlooking the Oval Cricket ground. Would it be bad form to simply pop round this weekend? Would contacting him now, be seen as a cynical ruse to watch the test match, or would he welcome the return of a dear lost friend? Also, under the circumstances, should I care?


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