01 October 2005

Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Apologies one and all, for my prolonged absence. I have, as I am sure you've guessed, been kidnapped by unscrupulous men - claiming to be book publishers, and forced to work in a brothel. I am chained to a word processorr in a back street, somewhere in the south of England. My cell mate -Terry Waite is saying his prayers...again  and my captors have nipped to Asda to buy Special Brew, - So here I am. If I break off suddenly, it's because I have heard their Morris Minor pulling up outside.
The fact of the matter is, I am writing a novel. Finally, irrevocably...I is attemptin' to be an author. It's going well. Twenty Three thousand words and rising. Of course, twenty thousand of these will probably be crap. The 'ands' and the its' are very good though.
Once I have emptied my brain of 'Bad Light'  - as I may well be calling it, I shall resume regular blogging.
So my friends, fellow travellers and ghosts of cyber space, enjoy the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and don't be degraded in the workplace
Moore x


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May as well put this here as anywhere....

What was the last song you played at the ICA gig a few months ago, supporting Luke Haines? The one that included a lot of references to famous people, such as Aleister Crowley and Anton LeVay? I wanted a copy but it wasn't on your album so I didn't buy it.

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

supercrass says:
oh the song is there. it is a hidden track but you have to buy the album in order to find it.

j.m., since the attack of the messageboard all has been twisted. black is white, white is black and i no longer enjoy toast. hit me at gmail.com when you have a moment. of course if anyone tries to pretend to be you, they will face a series of tough questions that only i know the answer to. oh and maybe john.

8:18 PM  
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