10 February 2006

Naked Messiah

I'm watching the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics. No terrorist
outrages yet, unless I haven't noticed. The seven monumental alpine horns
might provide some action of course. Anyway, that's not what I'm here to
discuss. I've had an idea about how to invest my property millions.
I am mulling over the idea of becoming a theatrical Impresario. As I have
made clear, I am doing bugger all at present and am seeking diabolical
projects for my idle hands to embrace.
This afternoon, while watching a Music show on a BBC cable channel - Men and
Motors was off air being cleaned, I discovered a program presented by the
excellent now fully endowed ex-choirboy Aled Jones. It was all about
Handel's Messiah - fave of amateur dramatic societies and Hallelujah Chorus
aficionados everywhere. Well, having being marveling at the work of Spencer
Tunick of late....mostly with a magnifying glass and a box of Kleenex, it
occurred to me that I should invest my cash in producing a Naked version of
the Messiah. What do you think? - has it got legs? How many? Four hundred? A
cross between an amateur chorale society and a WI calendar. We could tour
the land .It would be quite cheap, due to no costumes. I think it's a winner
and will be discussing it with my 'Listening bank', when I speak to them
next week on other overdraft related matters.
If you would like to be in it, and feel that your singing and carcass are up
to scratch, do get in touch....and send a Polaroid. If it's a success, we
can do an 'On Ice' version as well at the Empire Wembley Pool during the
Christmas months.
I feel that the dancers in the Winter Olympic opening ceremony might be
lining up to join my troop, so you'd better apply fast....if they don't get
blown up first.

On another matter, I am rather surprised that the Lib-Dems got elected in
the Dunfermelin(?) by-election. Perhaps the Mark Oaten diet has had a
positive effect on our friends north of the border. Time to rebuild the wall
I fear.
If anybody visiting this blog is considering visiting the Luke Haines site,
tread carefully. The old fellow's put his back out and is in a fearsome
rage. You heard it here first...on the Q.T

Bodmin Moore XX


Anonymous Martin said...

Very nice to have you back in the blogging world Mr Moore.
Chin up. A man's reach must exceed his grasp, or what else is public humiliation for?

8:13 PM  

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