05 May 2006

The Bluebells are up

Yo MuthaFuckas, a big shout from the Burghfield area. Sorry for the exuberance, but the Bluebells are up, the sun has appeared, and it feels almost good to be alive.
I've been busying myself with picnics at Bottom Lane - Not a metaphor you filthy minded urban sophisticates, but a little slice of innocent paradise. Once the stingers and brambles are braved, this is the situationist beach beneath the pavement...actually, it's not beneath a pavement, and it's rather pretentious of me to mention situationism - I'm in wine - staying up to watch the election results of course. Fully expecting tattooed fellas to be running all councils by tomorrow...a disturbing amount of Crosses of St George in local cars...I opt for the swastika - it's a Hindu peace sign of course...
Sorry to be insane, but I have been brain damaged by fairground rides. As a conscientious weekend father, I took the spawn of my loins to the fair on Mortimer village green - a harmless enough pursuit you might think. Nothing spectacular, just a few rides. A baby railway, a roundabout where you sit in a tea cup...unfortunately they all spin clockwise, so the cumulative effect is increasing dizziness. As a parting treat, I let her persuade me to take her on the Waltzer...the grown-up old fashioned thing, operated by the elderly Ian Brady type. Mistake. I was sick for two days. I could not turn left for a week. Fully expected Brain Haemorrage ( spelling could be a bit off here...due to brain damage...and mother's gone upstairs with the Guardian ). Do all rides go clockwise? IS this a plot. If they went anti clockwise, would the problems of society be cured? Just a thought.
Anyway, hope Keith Richards is OK, but then again, death from falling out of a tree might be the best way of dispatching him. I would have preferred Johnny Cash to die from Ostrich attack as well. Hoping Mick Jagger will be eaten by tigers. Anyway, it's getting a bit tasty on the box. See you soon. I shall be playing at the Burghfield Hayride this weekend. Not.


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