11 June 2006

Rock 'n' Roll Part 1

Oh how to start - feels like homework on a sunday night. Perhaps I should adopt a David Frost like tone 'That was the Week that Was', ....and what a week it's been.
Since my last deposit of bloggage, many things have occurred. I've rubbed shoulders with the great and good, vomitted over their shoes, and competed in a race.Let me explain.
Monday night should have been the pinnacle of my life...well not mine exactly, but my old pals the Jesus and Mary Chain, whose tour bus to glory I hitched a ride on as a nipper. As a 41 year old almost double divorcee( more to follow ),residing back home with mum, it gave me exquisite pleasure to accept the kind invitation from Mojo Magazine, to attend the awards dinner, at which said old turn were due to receive some kind of gong. I was hoping of course for the Lifetime Under Achievement Award, for which I have been working these past many years.Instead, it was something called the Maverick Music Award, which I think has something to do with the fact that all the old records are being reissued or something. The award was actually presented by my previous - more illustrious...in some ways...skin beater - Bobby Gillespie. Although dearly wishing to rush up and receive the award personally, good sense - not my own however, held out a bony arm to dissuade me from bum rushing the show. To say that I was in wine would be unfair. It was a combination of insomnia, sunstroke And wine, ANd Beer...and various other irritants.
My memory of the event ends at our award, and I must tell you now, that the next day, I was rather worried that some kind of alcoholic blackout had occurred and that a blank time period had elapsed, within which, god knows what might have happened. It was therefore, refreshing to learn that my blackout had occurred due to falling asleep at the table. This event was televised, so more embarrassing ( not to me ) facts might still present themselves. As far as I know your honour, I woke up - still wearing my white suit - which was lightly speckled with vomit - which I am sure must have been due to standing too close - or offering assistance to somebody the worse for wear. Had it been mine, it would have been all over the shop...perhaps I just had a gentlemanly throat clearing. Anyway, if my behaviour has been less than impecable, no doubt we'll read about it in Mojo - although it will be as much as a surprise to me as it will be to you. If I am denounced as a degenerate - or the man who made disparaging remarks to Bon Jovi - which I am informed I did, remember this - rock'n'roll people used to misbehave.
On a parting note, the stunning girlfriend, of my still stunning bandmate Douglas observed - 'This must all seem like yesterday to you'
I had to assure her that it was eighteen long years ago, and seemed like a lot longer - like receiving the Turner Prize for something done at nursery school. Mind you, Old Jim Reid made a fine speech, and looked younger than ever...and excelled in getting me home in one piece. Old soldiers eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am from Hong Kong. I just got chance to listen your compositions in England made me of Black Box Recorder. Haha, I just want to leave u this msg, The whole album is glorious. I love it so much.


11:12 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

Do some blogging. Go on.

2:47 AM  

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