19 September 2006

Did You Miss Me Yeah When I Was Away?

Ah, so that's it is it? Looks like I'm back in the world of bloggage. I'm afraid I had a complete mental collapse - not a nervous breakdown or anything artistic - just geriatric amnesia. Well suddenly, the old grey matter had sputtlered back into life, and ...well here I am again. I forgot my bank pin number for months as well, which was a bit inconvenient for those I had to tap up for a bit of cash.
Sadly, nothing much has been going on...well it might have been, but I've forgotten it. I appear to have a sun tan, so perhaps I've been somewhere.
My workrate has gorund to a complete halt - no writing, no music, nothing of any value whatsoever. My novel has still not been published - all is limbo. A third Mrs Moore has not been located, although I have been making enquiries in various places.

I have been contemplating another novel - I even went on a research trip - to Slough Sewage Works, but I'm afraid that my chanels are still blocked. Perhaps it's time to make another record, or do a gig or something. I'm not that desperate to do anything - I still have my hair and teeth, and since I reduced my cake in take, my stomach seems to have receded to more manageable proportions...fact is, I'm in trim.

Should anybody have a lovely one bed flat to rent me in the Hampstead, Swiss Cottage area - for a fraction of the market rate, do feel free to contact me.

I believe I'll be wintering in the capital this year. Although Burghfield has been kind to me, I don't think I can stand it much longer...

Thankyou to everybody who got in touch to ask me why I wasn't blogging. The two of you can rest assured that I shall be back at it regularly.

Mum's just brought me some sandwiches, so over and out.


Anonymous Lord Sandling said...

bloody good to have you back mr moore

11:35 AM  
Blogger joewalmsley said...

Yeah.Good to have you back.
I was drinking some german beer last night which had a label on it that said 18.5%. Actually it was only 8%.It was a weird |German thing.

3:30 PM  

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