26 September 2006

It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It...

I've been having an awful lot of trouble with Daddy Longlegs and Mosquitos - have you? I believe that my present location could be the epicentre of flying insect life in the United Kingdom - perhaps a sinister off shoot of the nearby Aldermaston weapons facility. Anyway, I am bitten to buggery and have arms so swollen, they make Popeye look like Karen Carpenter.
In my attempt to`make this blog appear more relevant - and deflect from the fact that I am doing bugger all at present, I'd just like to say that I don't rate Gordon Brown's chances very much. I expect that this last piece of blogging wisdom will flash across the world, and that I'll become highly influential...more highly influential. Did you notice how his eyes went all slitty during his big speach? - Not suggesting a Duke of Edinburgh style Yellow peril alert, but really, he ought to be able to open his eyes if he expects to be PM. Brown - to me, has always looked like a swarthy b movie local lout, encountered in a roadhouse on the A1 in 1961. Imagine if your Ford Zephyr broke down en route to an important business meeting in BIrmingham, and you needed to use a phone. You make your way to the all night cafe at the nearest lay by, only to be accosted by a gang of bikers, swathed in black leather, riding Triumphs, Nortons and BSA's - listening to Gene Vincent records. Brown is the ring leader - a big bullying local bull...probably called Johnny, chaining Players No 6 and glugging pepsis. He strikes swan vestas on his chin and makes a pass at your secretary, then, when like the decent ex army chap you are,you tell him to tone it down a bit, he challenges you to a fight with bicycle chains..which you eventually win using the Queensbury rules. Anyway, that's what I think, and I'm a blogger, and we're the new voice of reason.

Had a most enjoyable weekend in the wilderness - except for the mosquitos, jamming with the great and the good. Look out for the Bananarama remixes - featuring Saw and Ukelele. Night night.

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